The Fab Tap is launching soon!

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The Fab Tap is launching soon.

It’s almost go time! The Fab Tap is launching soon.

I feel like a kid that can’t wait to open their McDonald’s Kids Meal… or like a kid in a candy shop! Can anyone relate? I keep seeing these progress photos from Wheely, Wheely Great Trailer Company and P&S Trailer Services and I am like “Why can’t it be the 13th?!” I’m never one to rush moving life along; however, I can’t wait to bring a little Joy on Wheels to Minnesota.

Taps on the exterior and interior

Did you know we have 4 taps accessible on the outside and 4 on the inside? Why you ask? Well, for one, we want to celebrate ALL seasons of life, even in the winter. We can bring our one-of-a-kind, heated or air conditioned, Airstream to your house, party, celebration – rain or shine, snow or sleet – and serve your guests cheer throughout the entire year.

Second, who doesn’t want quicker access to the bar and more efficient service? That way you can get to the dance floor or our outdoor games quicker! When we have busier events, we can access/utilize 8 taps, essentially creating 2 bars in one mobile! They had to use a John Deere to install the interior taps — check it out below.

Lastly, not only is the experience trailer/#mobilebar unique, our offering is too! Check out our pricing and experiences for more.

Design elements

We wanted the design to be on trend, but warm, inviting and adjustable based on the vibes of the celebration. The exterior will be 1/2 wrapped with a cream border and our navy logo (our signature colors). These colors will blend into any setting you are trying to achieve for your Minnesota wedding, birthday party, corporate event, etc.

The interior is a neutral mid-century modern vibe that can also be tailored slightly to your celebration. The interior can be filled with pictures of the wedding couple, your work team (hey, corporate events), friends, etc. We can’t wait to show you our gram-worthy backdrop and neon sign (anyone want a custom one, too!?) finished off with a velvet CB2 couch. Ahhhhhh, I can envision guests sitting on the couch smiling from ear to ear, enjoying this experience with their loved ones and making memories that will last a lifetime.

We can’t wait to toast across Minnesota.


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