Fab Tap FAQs

Fab Tap FAQs

Do you only serve bubbly?

We just want to celebrate! That means, we tap bubbly, still wine, beer, cold brew, and mocktails. Want something else? Drop us an email.

Do you have to purchase a full keg?

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us the option to serve events of any size. We are able to put bottles into the keg. This will reduce the amount of waste for smaller events.

How many bottles of wine in 1 keg?

~26 bottles! This equates to about 104 glasses of wine, serving ~ 3 glasses of wine for 34 people.

How many cans of beer in 1 keg?

It varies based on keg size, but think at least 55 12 oz beers.

How many kegs can you hold?

We can tap 1-8 kegs, utilizing both our interior and exterior keg stations.

Do we need to return the keg?

In most instances, no! Most kegs are recycleable these days. Feel free to purchase a tap on the internet and you can have beer/wine after our scheduled time is up. Of course, you need to take care of any chilling mechanism.

Do we need to purchase the kegs through your preferred liquor store?

No! If you want/need to purchase the kegs through a caterer that’s fine, too!

How far do you travel?

We are located in Plymouth, Minnesota. Beyond 30 miles of our corporate headquarters, we charge $2.00 per mile. Please drop us an email to inquire about a longer distance.

Do you need electricity?

We are able to plug-in The Fab Tap to any standard outlet. If you do not have access to an outlet, no worries, we can do that, too. We have a generator (that’s really quiet) you can rent ($100).

How are you able to do this in MN?

We abide by Minnesota’s bring your own policy. Our unique interaction with a local liquor store, allows you the ability to get bubbly, beer, etc., at a reduced rate. We collaborate on what you need, you call the liquor store to place your order and WE pick it up on the day of your event! You sit back and enjoy the event with your guests, making Fab memories to last.

What’s the size of the Airstream?

It’s 18ft long! It is pretty easy to manuever as Airstream’s are very light trailers. We will work through your ideal location and how to execute effectively.

Do we need a permit?

In most instances, the answer is no! As long as we are on private property and/or we are at an establishment (wedding venue), you should not need one. We will coordinate with you though.

Do you carry insurance?

Yes, we are fully insured with 3 different policies (Trailer, General Liability + Liquor Liability)!

Thank you for stopping by The Fab Tap FAQs. If we did not answer a question, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you!