Kendra Scott x The Fab Tap

Kendra Scott COLOR BAR x Mobile Bar – A Fab match. Customize your own Kendra Scott piece with The Fab Tap!

When the local Mall of America team contacted us to partner with them, my jaw dropped. A Kendra Scott x The Fab Tap partnership? I was like, what?! Us?! #FABsolutely! Not only does the Kendra Scott brand have beautiful, high-quality pieces at affordable prices, they believe in giving back. When I visited the store, I overheard the stylist ask, “Would you like to round up to support mental health charities,” and I immediately was like, this is meant to be. If you don’t know my story, mental health hits close to home.

Anyway, enough about that! What does this mean? We, The Fab Tap, will offer customizable jewelry add-on experiences that you can add to your event. This is perfect for birthday parties, bridal showers (hello, gift for your ladies or create a custom piece for everyone to walk down the aisle with), bachelorette parties, etc. The options are truly endless for you to add onto your mobile bar / experience trailer. Champagne + Jewels? A Fab match!

The Fab Tap, cheers


I instantly fell in love with this “extra” ring! Hey, we’ve been couped up for a year, so why not go big or go home, right? This Ryan Cocktail Ring comes in three different metal colors and you can choose from 30+ gemstones. It’s seriously a show stopper!

Mobile bar, Kendra Scott


Now, let’s talk about this Fierce Charm Bracelet. I love a good statement stack and this is the perfect add-on! You are able to customize the metal and the charms, too. A lot of the charms are a part of their give back program, as well. With this book, 50% of the proceeds from every purchase will support First Book, a nonprofit that provides brand new books and resources to kids who need them most. Don’t twist my Kendra-Scott-outfitted-arm! Partnering with someone who cares deeply about giving back? Cheers to that.


Dainty necklaces galore. Every person’s stackable dream! Have a simple outfit and want to spice it up? Kendra Scott has a ton of amazing pieces that you can pull together to turn an outfit from drab to Fab. There are over 20 different necklace options, 4 metal colors and numerous gemstones. This is what necklace dreams are made of!

Kendra Scott, bachelorette party, bridal shower

“I’m excited, Look at this Fab necklace!!” If you add on Kendra Scott COLOR BAR to your event, you also receive 15-20% off the purchase of additional items, like this Rebecca Gold Strand Necklace in Turquoise.

What a great experience to add onto any event! The pricing starts at $50.00 per person (silver) for piece that is valued at $70.00. You also receive a tote bag and your discount off other pieces.

We could not be more excited about this partnership and can’t wait to see your Kendra Scott x The Fab Tap creations! What if someday we had a cute airstream charm that gave back to mental health. Yes, please!

As a mom of two, THANK YOU for supporting The Fab Tap and this mom’s dreams!

Cheers, xoxo – Lindsey

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