Fun Birthday Ideas in Minnesota

Fun Birthday Ideas in Minnesota

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Fun Birthday Ideas in Minnesota!

Need some fun birthday ideas in Minnesota? As a mom of two, I get how challenging it can be to create a magical party that is memorable, easy (I mean, hey all you busy parents out there) and fun for all. Well, we’re here to provide you with fun birthday ideas in Minnesota that are simple, inexpensive and will delight even the smallest guests.

This is how much fun these girls had at Scarlett’s 6th birthday party! Goofy faces and all. Pure joy.

Turn your tablescape into an activity

Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but the flowers below were purchased at Trader Joe’s for less than $15.00. I kept each bouquet separate and put the flowers into simple vases which would be used later for an activity. They made for a perfect tablescape that added joy and beauty to the setup.

A memorable activity and something they can take home

For our activity (and our gift to our wonderful friends) we took the tablescape flowers and turned them into beautiful bouquets the girls got to take home. My favorite part of this activity was watching the girls really flourish and use their creativity to build something they could call their own. Each bouquet was vastly different and definitely represented their little personalities. Can I tell you this kept them entertained for almost an hour?! That’s a win in my book. And, the moms loved them!

Easy, affordable and cute desserts

Welp, it’s now cake time and I forgot to order a cake. Yes, it happens to all of us. When I went to Target, I was not pleased with their selection. However, I did notice cupcakes that had bright gumballs (what?) on them along with macarons. “Let your creativity shine” I thought to myself! I picked up both and knew I could save these cupcakes. I got home, threw away the gumballs and utilized the macarons to make these AMAZING cupcakes! Perfect, right? Plus, they were less than $20.00 and tasted delicious. And, they got two treats in one. Any sweet tooth’s dream (you are welcome, Scarlett)!

Polaroid Photo Booth

One of the biggest hits was as simple as having an Instax mini camera and letting the girls take pictures to their hearts desire. They each had fun taking turns with the camera and letting their photography skills take over. They also had printable photo memories to cherish for years to come.


I love my daughter; however, the food portion of the party always gives me anxiety. I always think that I have to do this massive production and the thoughts start creeping in – when am I going to have time to prep all this, what about those picky eaters, I can’t do this… the list goes on.

Well, I’m here to tell you to get the d*mn pizza! Seriously, who doesn’t love pizza? It’s always a party pleaser and let’s be honest, they won’t judge you with “I can’t believe her mom didn’t have a charcuterie board for us.” Our go-to is always Papa Murphys since you can toss it in the oven when the littles are ready to eat.

The Fab Tap

When the only thing my daughter requested was The Fab Tap, my creator momma heart exploded. Hey, if she thinks it’s cool, that’s a win in my book. We served lemonade on tap. The girls had so much fun taking turns and pouring their own glasses.

If you need any party planning advice, birthday hacks and/or want to have The Fab Tap at your party, please reach out. We’d love to help you put on a memorable and convenient experience for your crew.

Ps. Hire an amazing photographer like Maggie Hinchley Photography! You won’t regret having professional memories, too. Maggie is uber talented, patient and so sweet.

Cheers, xoxo – Lindsey

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