Fab Tap Apparel

Fab tap apparel

Fab Tap Apparel

Fab Tap apparel. We are all about supporting local! You’ll see custom designs and one-of-a-kind products showcased here, from talented people across MN. And, of course, with a bit of a Fab touch.

Fab tap apparel

Fab Tap apparel

The Fab Tap x

Made in Minn


What does that mean? Well, every time you look in the mirror, we want you to be reminded that you are absolutely fabulous just the way.you.are.

Support not only 1 (us) but 2 local, women-owned and mom-owned businesses.

$32.00 (+shipping)

A bit about Natalie, owner and founder of Made In Minn. Natalie started her embroidery business as a hobby and has grown it into an amazing business, specializing in custom gifts available at Northern shops + now at Arlo. Check out her amazing business!