All things The Fab Tap; A reflection on 2020 and sparkling in 2021!

All things The Fab Tap; A reflection on 2020 and sparkling in 2021!

2020: A year of growth, uncertaintly and excitement.

Wow, what a year it’s been! Truly. Like many, it has been a year full of growth, tears and uncertainty. For us, it ultimately is ending with empowerment, hope for the future and the establishment of THE FAB TAP. A look back on 2020..

We are all well aware that 2020 started out guns a blazing and not in a good way! I felt it personally, from attempting (without success) to homeschool my 5-year old and working full-time, to quitting my job at a well-known retailer since it wasn’t feeding my soul. It wasn’t bringing JOY into my life. It was fueling angst and sadness. Ultimately, spinning me into a depressed and anxious state-of-mind. I woke up with determination to turn that around. For me and for my family. Cheers to taking that leep, my friends. It’s nerve-wrecking and I realize not everyone is able to do it. For me, it brought peace, hope and excitement even in a world of uncertainty.

Hello The Fab Tap

Fast forward a bit to the birth of the “idea.” During this time, I did a lot of self reflection; what brought JOY, what brought smiles, what would fulfill my creative side, and how could I help others? Hello, The Fab Tap.

What brought joy and smiles? Connection with friends and family (I miss you all)! Flowers – they instantly light up any room. And, a bit of bubbly!

What would fulfill my creative side? Generating ideas! I’ve spent many nights thinking of ideas (hello brain that can’t shut off at 3AM). While going back to joy, connection, flowers and bubbly, The Fab Tap was born. I’d be remissed to say this #mobilebar concept isn’t new and there are companies out there that I admire. However, what is new:

We’re more of an experience trailer with the notion that we bring the experiences along with the bar to any event! We don’t just stop at the pour.

We wanted to spread joy in the winter as well. We know there are a lot of important events and celebrations that happen year-round. With that, we designed a first-of-its-kind experience trailer/#mobilebar that has taps accessible on the outside and inside. Additionally, with heat and air conditioning, we can bring joy and celebrate during all seasons of life!

How could we help others and bring Joy to MN (and beyond)? Building and creating something centered around convenience, joy and an experience! We travel to you, setup, pour and teardown. We bring the party to the party. This allows you the opportunity to relax and make memories with your friends and family.

A big thank you to Wheely Great Trailer Company and P&S Trailer for believing in us, this mission and vision and their patience along the way.

It’s really fun to reflect and look back at how far we’ve come. Continue reading for pictures and more!

A peak behind the curtain

It’s hard but our mission keeps us going!

We’re a scrappy business, case in point (the above). We have produced and sourced content ourselves. This means we need to be extra creative, nimble and be willing to vacuum. (I feel like I’m still finding fake snow)

It’s definitely not always glamorous (can you relate?), but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Talk about glamorous [insert wink], here are a few pictures of The Fab Tap, raw, real, untouched, but still so amazing! We can’t wait to show you the transformation from drab to Fab (we couldn’t resist)!

We’ve had highs and lows throughout the process, but we remain true to our mission: Bringing joy, experiences and convenience to all celebrations, large or small.

Our highest point, was having a high-level meeting with the Marketing team at CB2 – yes, really! We have not signed a deal, but we are hopeful. Our decor is inspired by CB2 and their product is throughout.

How we hope to sparkle in 2021:

  • The Fab Tap will be complete and sparkling like new in early 2021. We couldn’t be more excited!
  • We will be bringing joy, experiences, smiles and convenience to MN and beyond!
  • We are going to give back! We are giving a % of profits to mental health charities.
  • We hope to collaborate with other local businesses, like, The Wedding Guys, Amy’s Cupcake Shop, Girl Friday Creative and Carly Zucker (to name a few!). There are so many amazing businesses and people in MN.
  • We want to spread joy and remind people to celebrate all of life’s moments, whether small or large. And, we’d be happy to help with that.

Let’s raise a glass and toast to 2021 and the joy it will bring! We’re starting 2021 full of positivity, optimism and love.

Thank you for reading and following along on our journey! We leave you with polaroids through the lens of children. The innocense, the joy and the creativity. Welcome 2021, let’s do this!

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