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A fun way to spruce your bubbly!

Glitter bombs

Have you heard of “glitter bombs”? If you haven’t they’re a must. These glitter bombs were made by Spin.It.MN and are a great addition to any party. Your guests will enjoy swirling their glasses to see their bubbly shine and come to life.

They’re super simple to utilize, too. You simply put the cotton candy glitter bomb into the glass and pour away. Remember though, bubbly overflows quickly!

Rock candy

I don’t know about you, but there’s something nostalgic about rock candy! Not only will your older guests love it, your littles will, too. You can lay it over the drinks or dip them into the champagne for an elegant add-on. Plus, they’re pretty, too! We served pink rock candy at our mini-galentines party!

Gummy bears

Cuteness overload! We love watching the gummy bears at the bottom of the glass. Plus, it makes you want to sip, sip, hooray faster so you can enjoy your delicious treat at the bottom. There are many different types and colors of gummy bears. This will allow you the ability tailor the gummies to your party.

Orange juice

What’s your oj to bubbly ratio? Ours is like 95% bubbly/5% orange juice. Haha. In all seriousness, a mimosa is a way to add a little orange flavor to your bubbly! It is so delightful and pairs well with a brunch-themed party.

Check out our new Bubbly kit offering for any party. It’s up now on the Pricing and Experiences tab! This will be sure to delight your guests.

We can’t wait to serve glitter, cotton candy bombs with your bubbly.

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